Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lazy Saturday night

Hope everyone is having better night than I am... I'm in bed sick after a long day in Los Angeles, picking out flowers to the center pieces for my wedding. We were able to figure out 2 flowers. TWO. Apparently, flowers don't grow in December. Boo. Luckily, our wedding will be in a barn, soooo rustic is the theme. Meaning, 2 different types of flowers + dried stuff + mason jars = I totally meant to do this. Ha ha! Here's a preview:

Center Pieces (without dried stuff) and table runner
Center pieces: Stock and Pom Poms in Mason jars.
My momma made the runners, btw. She's way talented. We did SOOOO much walking today, my body hurts like I ran 13 miles on a treadmil. I IZ TIREDZ.

Oh, and speaking of tight and firm, (see what I did there?) can we puuuhlease talk about Dr. Perricone products? Oh man, get your wallets ready, this is going to cost you a small fortune.

Dr. Perricone is an amazing skin care line that uses tons of great ingredients for your skin. Stuff that most skincare lines don't. My personal favorite ingredient is a little something called DMAE. Here's some info on the ingredient

  • Re-contours improving skin losing elasticity

  • Lifts, tightens, and tones skin

  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles

  • My understanding of it is this: when you take this as a supplement, the time that it takes your brain to tell your muscles to work/tighten increase dramatically, therefore you get faster, and sometimes immediate results. This is why it works so well topically for your pores. I take the supplements. You don't have to spend the $30 for a one month supply for this item, although yes, it is specifically made the Perricone way... but you can purchase it at any health or supplement store. It also makes your brain process knowledge faster, too! OHH SMARTY PANTSSS...

    Ok, so now to my fav. I love this cream with all of my heart, and it just so happens to have DMAE as one of it's main ingredients:
    Advanced Face Firming Activator: $120
     Yup, you read right. $120. That really sucks, and it also doesn't smell good. I know I am not selling this very well at this point, but the things that it does to your pores and overall skin will amaze you! Go to wherever sells Dr. Perricone in your area, ask them to demo this on HALF of your face, and try and come tell me that it doesn't give you a crazy mini lift, like immediately!

    So, if you're looking to minimize pores, get this stuff, or get the supplements for an over all body/brain toning. Goodnight!

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