Sunday, September 18, 2011

My hello's; Birchbox talk, and a product review.

YAY FIRST BLOG POST! (Sorry for yelling...)

OK, so a little back round: I am a cosmetics snob. No, seriously, I will, and probably have, tried just about everything. My purpose here is to talk about my experience with products and let you all know what is or is not worth spending your bucks on. I had been in the cosmetics field for about 10 plus years prior to what I am doing now, and I totally miss helping out with product suggestions. I was that person that would get in trouble at work for telling a client not to purchase the $350 cream, and that the $50 one would suit her much better ;)

Anyway, I have a few subscriptions out there that allow me to try tons of stuff a month. One of those is   
Here's how this works:
You pay $10 a month for a box that comes with up to 5 items. (I wish it came as full as what I am showing :) )
You let them know what you are interested in; hair, makeup, heath products...etc.
Your box comes with random deluxe sample items, as you can see. I can see at least 4 items in that picture that I have already received in the last 2 months. (the Redken shine spray, the Philosophy Purity skin cleanser, and the Pangea Organics facial cleanser are among the items in the image that I currently have.)

OK, now that that's out of the way, lets talk about the current facial cleanser I am using: Pangea Organics Facial Cleanser.

It's Sulfate free, smells great, and takes off my makeup with ease.

You can easily run out of this stuff quick if you're not careful, it's very thin, almost like water.


It's great for my combo skin. I personally like a little oil on my face, you know, to achieve the whole "dewy" look. So the fact that it's made to cater to oily and combo skin, yet it doesn't totally dry you up is a huge plus. Also, anything Sulfate free is good in my book, that can be so drying on your skin AND hair... but I will get into my Sulfate free obsession on another post.

Anyway, feel free to ask any questions about this product, I kept it short and sweet in order to not completely bore you on my very first blog post. I hope to improve my product rating skills over time based off of the feedback I received.

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