Friday, June 22, 2012

Let's talk about Little Black Bag... and my mission trip!

Well, I will start by saying that my recent mission trip to Nicaragua was an amazing, scary, sad, happy, painful (physically and mentally,) AWESOME experience. My husband and I went to work on the children of a small town called San Marcos, and fixed some teeth. We had to unfortunately extract quite a few teeth from these poor children, but it was all for the best. In the end, the children were really grateful, and even gave me a gift!
A group of the older girls came over to me on our last day there to give me these totally cute earrings. I wear them quite a bit!

Here are some more images from the trip with me and the kids: (WARNING. You're going to see me bare faced! EEK!)

Being a brat.

Managua, Nicaragua

It's rainy season in Nicaragua, and boy did it rain! We were SOAKED here!

Beautiful church we passed on our way to La Granada

My husband and a patient

This was one of my husband's biggest challenge. He was very successful! :)

This sweetheart's name is Angelica. She followed me around the whole time we were there :) I really miss her!

Presents for our awesome patients!
I was distracting her while her mom got work done! :)

Touring Lake Nicaragua


The Colegio Bautista group. AMAZING people. 5 of them are 1st year dental students, including my husband!

Anyway, on to other things. While on my most favorite Style and Beauty forum yesterday, the topic of came up.

I am totally addicted. Here's what you do:
Pick out your favorite item. Pay $49.99 for it (I paid $49.99 for a $80 bag.)
Then, the "stylist" picks out 2 more items for you, totally up to $150, for $49.99 out of pocket.
Awesome, right? WAIT... there's more!
You can trade with other members for better liked items! Your bag stays "open" for 7 days,
and it that time, you make offers to trade, or accept current offers, until you are completely satisfied with what you've got.

I started with 4 items (I had a code to get an additional item.)
This bag:
Nila Anthony, $80
plus a nail polish, a colorful bangle, and a kabuki brush. Total retail value was $109.

I got rid of the polish, brush and bangle for the following items:

All The Rage Wire Earrings, $12

RJ Graziano, $45
So far, if this is what I end up with, I will be happy. I went from a retail value of $109, to $137, for $49.99! YAY!

I plan on keeping this subscription for a few months, since I have a lot of birthdays coming up! Can't wait to see how this ends up! I have 6 more days left to try and trade anything, and I really only want to trade my necklace for a matching clutch to my new purse.

Check it out! And use my code while doing so, would ya?

Thanks, you're a doll.

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