Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Fashion Show!

Hey everyone! It's been a while! A lot has been going on lately, with the wedding being so close, we've been preparing my big move, and also trying to keep my Fiance' sane while he goes through midterms! :)

On to the beauty. Last week I was fortunate enough to work on a Halloween fashion show with my good friend, and wedding makeup artist, Clarisa Martinez. She is the owner of Beauty and Charm Artistry, and she does everything from weddings, to fashion shows, to make up classes! She's one bad ass lady, ya'll.
Here's her Facebook site, if you want to see more of her work:

So, we had a total of 8 looks. All Halloween inspired, with a beauty focus.

Look #1- Heather as the Diva
Makeup by Clarisa Martinez
Look #2- Alexis in Dia De Los Muertos
Makeup by Clarisa Martinez
Look #3- Joanne as the Vampire
Makeup by Clarisa Martinez
Look #4- Marissa in "Chanel #5" (A contoured focus look)
Makeup by Me, Sketchgirly ;)
Look #5- Rae as a Pin-Up Zombie
Makeup by Clarisa Martinez
Look #6- Sandy as Dita Von Teese

Makeup by Clarisa Martinez

Look #7- Raquel as the Peacock
Makeup by Clarisa Martinez
and, Last but not Least...

Look #8- Ashton as the Superhero

Makeup by Me, Sketchgirly

Here's a group shot. I have no clue who that random guy is! LOL!

Anyway, there you have it. This was my Halloween fix for the year. If you are in CA, I would strongly recommend looking Clarisa up and taking one of her classes!

I'd also like to mention Mary and Trina of Hair and Makeup Dazzle (Dolce Studio) provided the awesome hair styling for the show. You can find them on the Beauty and Charm Facebook page!
Also gotta give credit to Clarisa's assistants, Priscilla and Queanna.
Lastly, thanks to Entice Media Group for the pictures! Yay for pictures!

In the center, Trina, Mary and Clarisa. I am missing because I was too busy somewhere else apparently. LOL!

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