Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fixin' my amazing shoes. (Craft stuff)

I loved everything about what I wore at my wedding. Custom dress, custom birl cage veil, hand made brooch bouquet... and the one thing that I wore that I actually paid for were the shoes of my dreams...

Oh, my wonderful Vivienne Westwood Dragon Lady shoes. (Yes, they're Vivienne Westwood for Melissa shoes, but to me, they will always be Viviennes.)
I went through hell and back looking for these shoes. I HAD to wear them on my wedding day, and I NEEDED to have them because, of course, I would totally wear these over and over again!
After months and months of searching, I found them. $180 + shipping from Brazil later, they were mine. Now, keep in mind, I would never EVER pay more than $60 for shoes. It's just not me. Not judging anyone who WOULD, but I'm a budget girl. And I wear shoes out like crazy, so it just does not make sense for me. Anyway, I preserved my shoes until the day before my wedding, as practice wearing them in the mud and icy dirt. The only issue? My sweet niece stepped on one of my feet. No biggie, right?

Cut to wedding day, I am coming down the aisle, and in the middle of everything, the top of the shoe got kicked off by my other foot.

Sighhhh.... You have no idea how much THAT hurt.

Well, I found some flats in the same style
So I bought 2 pair. 

I now own 2 and a half pairs of these type of shoes.

I can't get over the fact that I lost out of numerous wears for my wedding shoes, so I came up with a plan.

Buy ANOTHER pair of the heeled style. (I know, ANOTHER PAIR ;) )
Now, these are significantly cheaper than my first pair. Don't know why... not gonna ask questions.
See, my plan is to rip off the hearts to these as well. Since they didn't cost over $200, I feel like I can.
Then, I started prepping my purple shoes.

What you see here is some E-6000, some snaps, and the shoes.

I filed the back of the heart and the top of the shoe to make it rough.

I then glued on the snaps.

So, as for 24-72 hours, I let it dry.

YAAAYYYYY! Now I just wait for the other shoes to come in to get the other heart to interchange between the 2 pairs.

And that's my crafty craft for the month. I'll let you know if they last this way.

I've heard excellent stuff about this glue, which is why I purchased it.



  1. I just found your post. and was wondering how the glue behaved....I had something similar to one of my Melissa's and wanted to fix it myself.

  2. I think anyone gifted with creativity loves customizing! And you’re definitely one. =) I envy that. For me, I only use glue to my shoes when it comes undone and I need to fix it immediately. I never thought I could also use glue to pimp it. And as for the best adhesive? I think it depends on the material of the shoe and the accessories you need to glue together. Shannon