Sunday, May 13, 2012

Flora by Gucci fragrances, and Bzz Agent

Check this out!

This is the new Flora by Gucci perfume collection!
As a BzzAgent, I am given product kits to try and rate. I was lucky enough to be chosen to rate this wonderful fragrance collection.

A little about BzzAgent before I get into my review:
It's a program that you sign up for online, you take surveys, you let them know how you are able to spread the word, (for instance, blogs, Facebook, Twitter, or simply just word of mouth.)

Based off of your survey answers, and over all interests, you are given assignments, and get a bzz kit with products, coupons, and samples to give to your friends and family. Cool, right?!?

Ok, so onto my review.

Gracious Tuberose

Gracious Tuberose was the mildest scent out of the three. Very light and fresh smelling. I do smell a lot of violet in this scent.

Glamorous Magnolia

Glamorous Magnolia is very sweet, and you can really smell the Freesia that it talks about in it's description. It's a good everyday scent for the spring.

Gorgeous Gardenia

Gorgeous Gardenia is very fruity, but surprising not as sweet as the description would lead you to believe. I think it has a great balance between sweet and fresh. Of the 3, I would say this scent is the one you want to wear for a night out.

Overall, my favorite of the 3 is Glamorous Magnolia. Close second would be the Gorgeous Gardenia. I am not a huge violet lover, but I still really liked Gracious Tuberose.

Flora by Gucci is available at Macys and Sephora.

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