Wednesday, March 7, 2012

15 minute up-do's (Thank you, Yahoo!)

A couple of days ago, Yahoo! had an article on 3 step hair styles. One caught my eye:
So cute, right!?!? So, I made sure to Pin it on Pinterest (of course) and titled it "for my dirty hair days."
Well, today was a dirty hair day, so I put this to the test. Here's what I got:

STEP 1: Divide hair into 3 sections, and braid.

STEP 2: Roll braids and pin

(yes, you can see the rubber bands holding the tails of the braids.
No worries, more bobby pins fixed this.)

STEP 3: Spray and smooth out/pin any loose ends.


So, I got that done so quick, it was like 15 minutes, and that's with all of the picture taking I was doing :)

So when I got home from work today, I started thinking; I could TOTALLY do a side triple knot!

You'll probably notice that one braid (top braid) is cut short . Since I have layers, I had to only braid the hair half way to make sure I caught all of the hair. Again, last frame shows the hair ties. Whatever, bobby pins fix it.

SEE?! Taaa daaaa...

So, some tips for you if you decide to do this yourself:

1. Make sure you have plenty of bobby pins. At least 4 for each twist. That's what I ended up using.

2. When pinning the hair, make sure not to try and pin too much hair at once. Since it's braided, thinner pieces of hair through the bobby pin will be enough to keep the twists on your head :)

3. Use thinner hair ties. This was a total experiment for me, so I was not prepared. I will probably use the clear rubber bands next time I try this. I am sure it will make it much easier to hide.

Side knots are TOTALLY happening when I am in Las Vegas next week. WOO HOOO!!!

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