Tuesday, January 17, 2012

SUPER by Dr. Perricone

Hello all! I have been so awful at updating this. But, since the wedding is done...oh yeah, got married! Anyway, since that is done, I have much more time to update this much more frequently. Hopefully I stick with that, ha ha! Anyway, I am going to write today about my experience with Dr. Perricone's new product line, SUPER.

First I will say that I had a hell of a time getting this at Sephora. I wanted a set, because if I am going to give this line a try, I would like to try a few things. It was sold out in stores and online. OK, good sign. I then went to the direct website, getsuper.com. They offered many different sets. I choose this one:
This set came with O-Mega Moisture, Bright Eyed, and Sweet Clean cleanser.

Lets start with the moisturizer-
I really like this one because even though it's for dry skin, it doesn't feel heavy what so ever! The active ingredient in this one is Chia.
Chia delivers more Omega-3 than flax or fish, satisfying skin’s craving for moisture. It definitely complements my skin after an OCM wash.
Second, is the eye cream, Bright Eyed-
This is a cream that brightens and firms around the eyes. Now, although it's only been about a week since I have been using this, I have yet to see any "brightness". But, that is to be expected this early on in using a product. My eyes surely need the brightening, so lets hope it does! It does, however, firm. And, its great as a primer for my eyeshadow primer! Let me explain... When I put a primer on my eyelids, it doesn't glide as well as I would like usually. I don't normally care since I will be putting eyeshadow over it, but now with this new cream, it makes everything glide evenly, without creasing the primer or shadow. Hopefully I am making sense here! Anyway, active ingredient is Melon. Melon is a skin-saving superfood, who knew!?

Lastly, the skin cleanser. I have not used this yet since I am using cleansers very rarely now that I have discovered OCM. I am waiting to finish up my Dr. Perricone cleanser that I am currently using before I start this one, but here are the stats.
Sweet Clean Cleanser 
A gentle cleanser that wipes out dirt and makeup
Packed with Acai, an exotic antioxidant from the Amazon
Ideal for all skin types.

Now, I have to discuss my issue with the shipping. It was not the best experience. The order was placed before NYE, and did not arrive until last week. When I emailed asking why A. there was no record of my purchase on my account online, and B. why I had no notification about when my order would ship, the response I got was "everyone was on vacation. Sorry." Ehh, I get that NYE is a holiday, but really? A WEEK OFF? And no notice to people who have purchased items online? Not cool. Also, the day I received the package was the day my card was "officially" charged. Meaning, almost 3 weeks later, they charged my card the total amount, when I thought I had been charged immediately after placing the order. Sure, I had the funds, BUT, what if I didn't? Anyway, some things to look out for if you try this product out. Will I purchase from them again? Yes, because I will always sacrifice bad customer service for good skin.

OH! Did I mention I got murrried?!?!



  1. Hi there,
    This might sound a little odd but I found your blog while searching for barn style wedding venues. I actually just had an appointment at riley's farm today and loved it! However, I am not fond of the musicians they've provided. Did you use any of their suggestions? If so, how did it turn out for you? Congratulations by the way! Thanks in advance for your response :)

  2. Hi Amanda! I used the Matt Brooks band. They played awesome classic rock songs, plus some Sinatra, and at the end of the night, mostly fun country songs. They were awesome, actually! Jan (the coordinator) can probably set up a phone convo with you and the band, to let them know what you're looking for, if you're into that type of music! HTH!!! Good luck and congratulations on your engagement! You seriously can't go wrong with Riley's, I was soooo pleased with them! (BTW, sorry for the delay in response!)