Saturday, February 25, 2012

BB Creams, and why I love 'em.

I luv BB Creams. So much so, that I purposely spelled "love" wrong, in efforts to be all mushy about my love for BB Cream.

Why? Because I can finally wear something that makes me look like I am NOT wearing foundation! AND, my skin looks healthy! So much so, that I am willing to let you all take a peek at what I look like semi-naked face.

What I am about to show you is a comparison of 2 different BB Creams.

One, purchased online (Ebay) by the name of Skin79, Crystal Pearl cream
(It has a cool flip top with a highlighter cream on it, and also the actual cream is pearly, so it gives you a dewy look.)

And, second, given to my by the wonderful, and generous Kara (TKMB)
Missha BB Cream #23 
(This one is not pearly, but man does it have awesome coverage!)

And now... to compare.
As I am sure I've mentioned before, I have very dark circles under my eyes. What you see here is my face split between the 2 BB Creams. The left side has on Skin79's version, and the right is Missha.
Skin79's side
Missha's side

Clearly, Missha's coverage is solid. All I need is some loose powder to set it, and I am perfectly comfortable wearing it like that. Skin79's, on the other hand, does require more product to get it covering those dark circles under my eyes that I hate so much. Still, I love how it makes the rest of my face look. It gives me major glow.

So, if you're looking for coverage, go with Missha's brand. Highlighting and a glowy/dewy complexion? Skin79 is for you. If you're anything like me, and like to mix it up from day to day, get both. I totally alternate both creams because I am a cosmetic commitment-phobe.

Oh! I almost forgot! I took pictures of how they look with a full application! Here you go...

This is me wearing Skin79, with Bare Minerals in Light to set it. I am wearing it heavier around the eyes to keep me from looking like a raccoon.

This is a Missha application, with a much lighter setting of Bare Minerals in Light. Notice the difference in glow AND tone from both pictures? I assure you, it's not (just) the lack of lighting OR a good camera. Missha makes me look lighter, and Skin79 makes me look dewy and much more natural. All while still looking like I don't have a ton of face makeup on.

Now, I have not tried the American versions of these products, yet. But, I know many lines are either coming out with, or already have them on the market. MAC, Smashbox, Too Faced, Clinique, and many other lines have their own versions of this product that originates from Asia. Sephora carries all but the MAC version of the American BB Creams listed.

Hey, look at that, 2 post in one week. I'm getting better at this! See you in 2 months! Just kidding.

OH! Before I go, I'd like to mention that our wedding will be featured in Sunday, Feb. 26th's L.A. Times! (<--- Shameless promotion right thurrrr.) For those of you keeping score, that's 3 features! Holy cow, I hate it when my sister is right. (She predicted this. Which is why she put so much effort into our wedding. She also did because she loves us, of course.) I will make sure to post some pictures of it, since I'm sure you're not sick of my wedding pictures yet. Right? RIGHT?!

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