Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's here! My makeup board tutorial!

YAY! I made something from a Pinterest pin! Who REALLY does that?!

So my last blog entry was talking about my redunkulous amount of makeup I have, and how I don't use it because it's all buried under each other. PROBLEM SOLVED. And here's how I did it.

I went to Joann's one night while my wonderful husband was having a guys night out, playing poker. With wine and Mad Men season 3 waiting for me at home, I decided to stop at Joann's and get what I needed. I am lazy, (as you can see from how often I post, ha ha) so I decided to not go the "go to Lowes and get some sheet metal and have them cut it, blah blah blah" route, so I had to think fast. What else could I do?

DRY ERASE BOARD. Those suckers are magnetic! So, I got one of those, a square of fabric that matched the decor of the room, Aleene's Tacky Glue, some hooks, and a roll of magnet, and went home. (Total cost: about $15.)

STEP ONE. Glue on the fabric to the back of the board (Pull the material tight!):

This is what it looked like once the material was on.

Then, with the hooks shown above, I attached them to the back of the board (You'll see why I needed hooks in a bit):

Next, magnet the crap out of your cosmetics. (The following picture shows the individual dot magnets, but I recommend getting it by the roll. It's stronger.)

TAAA DAAAA! I had myself a makeup board!

Sweet, right?
The dresser I use as a vanity has a bar, I am guess for towels or something. I dunno, it's an antique. ANYWAY, that's why I needed hooks.
So, I was done with this in like, 30 minutes, tops. My husband was still doing his thing, Don Draper was still doing his thing, and I still had a bottle of Cupcake wine to drink. So, I continued with the crafting.

Next, I grabbed a mason jar from my wedding, a funky hook I randomly found, and a piece of left over fabric from the board. I got this:


I was on a roll.

Alas, it still wasn't enough. Where would I put my lipsticks and lipglosses?

This was a basket thingie that was given to us at Christmas that was filled with candy. Now it's filled with lip stuff.

I was done for the night. I was satisfied...

UNTIL, I realized that I still had a crap ton of stuff I wanted up.

A week later, a baby board was born.

I am obviously out of space, sooo I am done with the makeup crafting ;)

It has been super beneficial for me to have this, though. I am using products that I have never touched before, and taking full advantage of the fact that I am very blessed with all of these options!
And the best part is, I actually have room to get ready in the morning!

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